Recharge Your Batteries

Posted on December 28, 2011


Christmas is over and New Year is just around the corner. So it’s time to sit back, take a break (unless you have assignments to do) and think about what a great year it has been.  Before we start breaking our New Year’s resolutions and our next workload starts piling up, it’s time to recharge.

While most of us are at home thinking we have nothing to do, itching to get back to University life, we have time to get a few home meals, get our sleep pattern back on track and maybe have a detox.

Although you may like to have a drink at Christmas and New Year, you don’t need to drink all of the days in between, especially if you go out a lot while you’re at University. Give your liver and head a rest.

But when I say detox I don’t mean one of those crazy detox diets. I mean simple things like drink a lot of water, cut down on the sugary sweets and chocolate for a while, eat some fruit… all the things you may not be doing at University. Now if only I could take my own advice…

If you are anything like me you’re sleep pattern will be all over the place at the moment. With late nights in the library, deadlines, going out drinking and way too many lie ins, when I finally get to bed at a reasonable time I can’t sleep.

Here are some tips to help you get your sleeping back on track:

    • Try to go to bed and get up around the same time everyday
    • Get 8 hours sleep when you can
    • Try a hot milky drink before you go to bed (this works for me)
    • Make sure your room is as dark as possible
    • Turn off the TV, games console etc an hour before you plan to sleep
    • Change your sheets (when I get hot and sticky in bed this helps me)

How cute are these sleepy animals…

For those of you that do have assignments to do, take advantage of the peace and quite of home life and get them done. There is nothing worse than arriving back at Uni and having to do last-minute work.