Fresher’s Flu Take Two

Posted on January 4, 2012


The one thing I hate about going back to Uni in September is all the germy people. Everyone comes back from home with their own mutant cold/flu virus.

I managed to get through Fresher’s week and most of the first term without getting too ill. I did have a few days where I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. But it passed pretty quickly.

But my housemates got ill (and blamed it on me although I hibernated for the three days I was ill), my friends got ill, and when I went home to visit my boyfriend he was ill.

Now, when everyone gets back to Uni after Christmas I can guarantee that the flu will do the rounds again. I am staying away from any ill family members and friends before I go back so I can’t be blamed for passing it on.

Here are some tips for you girls that are always getting ill.

  • Wash your hands… a lot. It may sound stupid but your hands are dirtier than you think. There are the obvious times like after you’ve been to the toilet and before you prepare food. But you rub your face and scratch a lot more than you think, then you are touching things around you and spreading your germs, or picking up someone else’s…


  • Vitamins.. Us students sometimes don’t have the best diets so takings vitamins such as Vitamin C for your immune system may help prevent a cold,  or fight it off easier.
  • Alternatively, try eating better. It can be hard on our small budgets and in between lectures (or if we just can’t be bothered), but try some fruit and vegetables, and lay off the takeaways.

From < (great article onsurviving a cold)

  • On the other hand, my moma lways tells me to eat curry when I’ve got a cold. Aswell as making my nose like hell, the garlic and spices help blow the cold away.
  • Herbal teas are also thought to boost your immue system. I love green tea, but I can’t stomach any of the others ones I have tried. At worst the hot drink will sooth your throat.

green tea
From << Good article on Cold and Flu Home Remedies

  • When you can feel a cold coming lay off the drinking and get an early night. I have those days when I’m feeling a bit groggy, then I go out drinking and feel terrible the next day. The combination of a late night and alcohol does not do well for colds.
  • Soft tissues are a must for the runny nose. After blowing your nose a few times it can get very dry and sore. No one can pull off the flaky look.
  • Stock up on paracetamol, Ibuprofen or flu tablets. Be careful how much you are taking, and don’t overdo it. But you can have Paracetamol and Ibuprofen products together. If you are taking flu tablets, I usually find that the ones with decongestants work best.
  • For a completely blocked nose, stop blowing and use a nasal spray. These have been a saviour for me when I couldn’t sleep. In my experiences the sprays work better than the ones you just breathe in. But read the packet because usually you can only use them a few times a day.
  • Hot Chocolate! Not medically proven I’m sure, but it always makes me feel better when I’m ill.  Plus, as I already said earlier, hot drinks do soothe a sore throat.

hot choclate
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