Stupid Lies Men Tell

Posted on January 10, 2012


This morning my boyfriend apologised for not commenting on my new ear piercings, which was nice because I hate when guys don’t notice new things. But then he proceeded to tell me that he would’ve come with me and gotten his ear pierced too. I knew this was a lie because (obviously he had forgotten) I had suggested about a week ago that he came with me and get his ear pierced too. But still he insisted that with a bit of pushing he would’ve come and got his ear/ears pierced too. I know with him, when he says no he means no.

But why do men tell such stupid lies? To make us feel better? To avoid arguments? To make themselves look better? I have no idea but here are a few stupid lies men tell.

I would have rather spent the day with you.

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I don’t mind when my boyfriend spends the day with his friends doing their geeky stuff. Why should I? But when he asks how my day was. Then says he would have rather spent his with me it really annoys me. Last time he said this I just though to myself, “You know I didn’t have any plans today, so you could’ve spent the day with me. Feel free to spend your time however you want. But don’t pretend you’d rather be with me. I’m not so needy that I want to be atttached to you all the time.” But instead, all I said was… Liar ūüôā

I love you.

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This is one of the lies that makes me the most angry. I don’t understand it at all. Maybe they’re saying it just to get in a¬† girl’s pants. But seriously, do you have to be in love with someone to have sex with them? I’m not saying its good to sleep around, but not all girls are delicate flowers¬†who have the over-bearing need to be loved. Luckily for me the only time this has happened to me is when I was a very skeptical 13-year-old girl who really didn’t like men too much. I very awkwardly explained that I kinda liked him, but definitely didn’t love him. I was actually kind of relieved to find out he was a scumbag.

I don’t look at other girls.

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Ha! No one I know can say that they¬†have never¬†seen someone they liked the look of and given¬†them a second glance, or daydreamed about someone famous (my boyfriend goes deaf when Rihanna comes on TV). I always give Johnny Depp a well deserved mmm when he comes on TV. But my boyfriend seems to get quite upset if he thinks I’m paying more attention to the fit guy on TV than him, and has, in the past, said that he never looks at other girls… Once again.. Liar.

That was the best sex I’ve ever had.


No it wasn’t….¬† We don’t need the ego boosts like¬†men do. Saying it was great would be fine ūüôā

I didn’t say that.


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Are you trying to make us think we’re crazy? I think I speak for a lot of women when I say I don’t forget the offensive things men say.


Got anymore  stupid lies men have told you?

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