Unconventional Ways of Paying Uni Fees

Posted on January 14, 2012


Yesterday there was an interview with some students on This Morning , who had rather unconventional ways of paying their fees.

First there was a girl who pole/lap danced in clubs. Now I think we can all agree that this isn’t for everyone, but would you ever consider doing anything like this?

I do pole dancing for fitness, and have done a show with my fellow pole buddies (no stripping or overly sexiness) to raise money for our own stage pole, but I don’t think I could go any further than that.

To be honest I wish I had the guts to dance for money. I would quite like to try it just once, as long as I didn’t have to get completely naked. But, 1. I can’t really dance, 2. I don’t think I’m that comfortable with my body, 3. I hate being in front of crowds of people, and 4. What if I saw someone I knew? I think you must have guts and a thick skin to do it.

Is this what’s stopping other students from doing this? Or is it just outrageous and degrading as most people on This Morning seemed to think? It may be a good way to make a lot of money but could it affect your future career prospects, which is after all the whole reason you are going to University. Also, although this girl stressed that she was well protected, there are always weirdos around. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk.

The other person on This Morning was a male prostitute. The thing I disliked about him was that he seemed to be just doing Uni courses while being a prostitute, with no idea what job he wanted or where he was going in life. This is something that I could never even consider doing. Not only is it illegal, but its dangerous. I don’t understand why anyone would want to put themselves in this danger.

Here’s the episode of This Morning.


I know from my job-searching experience that it can be hard to get  a job while studying. It can be hard to work around lectures, to find time to do essays and work, and there is the disheartening task of applying for a million jobs and not even getting an interview (I got rejected by KFC).

But I still find it quite worrying how far young people would go to make money. I’d rather cut back on nights out and try to get a less revealing job. How far wouldd you go to fund your Uni lifestyle?