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Posted on January 18, 2012


Clubs and Societies are a big part of Uni life. I didn’t notice how big in my first year. I had a look around the Societies Fair, saw a few things I liked the look of, but didn’t join anything. I had already made friends and, other than a brief night out with the Rock and Metal Society, didn’t really think about them.

But in my second year at University I joined the Pole and Hula Society. In first year I’d seen it but thought, “Me? Pole? Never!” It’s one of the less demanding societies (Some of them seem a bit too serious for me). So I got to learn something new and fun, that I never thought I’d be able to do, and meet new friends.

Some students think that it’s too expensive to join a society. But actually some of them have perks. With my society, we get our Pole and Hula lessons cheaper than usual. Like a lot of others we are also sponsored, so we get free food when we have socials at the Pub. Some sports teams get some of their kits cheaper, food after matches and free drinks. Ok, I may be going on a bit too much about free food. But who doesn’t love free food? Also, some societies are free to join.

Anyway it’s a great way to meet new people with the same interests, and become involved in different events around the University. There are so many more people than your housemates and people on your course. You may think you have enough to do at Uni, but its nice feel part of something different, like your own little community.

Some of our societies do their own events. The Drama and Dance Societies do their own shows, the Creative Writing Society has an Open Mic Night and the RAMs have their own rock night (where we did put on a show). Even if you aren’t part of a club or society you should see if you can get involved with what they are doing.

We  also have our ABC night coming up soon. It is a night where each society gets a letter and has to choose something beginning with it to dress up as. I think I prefer to dress up in costumes than to get all dressed up to go out. There’s just something fun about dressing up and looking crazy with your friends that I love.

So I suggest if you are a student, join a society. You won’t regret it.


Some of the weird societies and clubs at different Universities.

  • Girls Who Like Chocolate And Haagen Dazs Society
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Society
  • Cheesy Pop Society
  • Quidditch Society
  • Tiddlywinks Society
  • Moustache Club
  • Concrete Canoe Club


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