It Feels Like I’m Forever Packing and Unpacking

Posted on January 19, 2012


I came back to Uni on Saturday, but didn’t actually unpack until yesterday. I HATE packing and unpacking. At the end of the summer, Christmas, after Christmas, Easter, after Easter, then at the end of term every year I’ve had to decide what I need and what I can leave behind. Then there’s the weekends at home. It is one thing I won’t miss about University life.

But what do you take, and what do you leave behind?

    • It may be my paranoid self but I don’t like to leave anything valuable at University, so I take my TV and laptop home with me if I’m going to be away for longer than a couple of weeks.
    • Clothes. This is the worst one. I like to take enough so I have a big choice of things to wear. But I like to leave some clothes at home, so I have some spare. Also I try to think seasonal, which doesn’t work as we’ll get one sunny day and I wont have a pretty dress to wear.
    • My teddies. I don’t go anywhere without them. Well I’ve decided that I have to leave them behind when I go home for the weekend because they wont all fit in my suitcase. But I am still a little girl at heart, and I need my teddies.


(Just to prove my point :))

    • DVDs. It is so annoying when you get the urge to watch a certain film and you’ve left it at University. But I can’t be bothered to carry DVDs to and from University.
    • Dirty washing. I’m not like the stereotypical student who takes their washing home to their mum. But over the summer and Christmas I do take any washing that needs to be done home so it doesn’t go stinky and I don’t have to pay to have it dried. But I do it myself.

A tip I learnt from going on holiday with my parents (who like to re-pack my suitcase) – Fold your clothes. It really does give you more space and its nicer to unpack.

Here’s a video of a VERY organsied woman showing us how to pack efficiently. 😛

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