Meal for One: Tuna and Pasta

Posted on January 22, 2012


I realised that I haven’t done much in the DIY section of this blog so, as I thought, as I was making my dinner, that one of the annoying things about being a student is making meals for one. With certain dishes, it is almost impossible. But being the terrible cook that I am, I do know some VERY simple dishes that you can make if you’re having a night in alone. (On the other days my housemates cook :))

Here’s one of the most simple of them all: Tuna and Pasta.

For this you need:

    • A can of Tuna
    • About a cup of Pasta
    • A pan
    • Water
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Cheese (optional)
    • A cheese grater
    • A fork

1. First put the water to boil in the pan (sometimes I just boil the kettle).

2. When the water has boiled, put in a sprinkle of salt and the pasta.

3. While the pasta is cooking open the tuna and drain it.

As you can see ASDA’s cheap stuff is just as good as the expensive ones

4. Put half of the tuna, that you are not going to use, in a tub to put in the fridge. (Did you know you’re not supposed to put tins in the fridge?)

I have a strange attachment to my tupperware… plus it stops whatever food’s in it from stinking out the fridge 

5. Stir the pasta occasionally.

6. If you are using cheese, grate it now.

How awesomely convenient is this cheese grater?

7. I don’t usually time my pasta. I just take some out and try it. If  you tear it and the inside isn’t hard, it’s done.

8. Drain the pasta. Leave it for a few minutes in the strainer because you don’t want watery pasta…

9. Put the pasta in the bowl first.

10 Then add the tuna and cheese.

11. Mix! The cheese should melt nicely…

12. I like a sprinkle of pepper too.

13. Voila! A cheap and simple recipe. Enjoy.

Maybe not gourmet, but i think it looks pretty yummy.

If you don’t like cheese, try replacing it with chopped tomatoes. Sometimes I like to add chopped cucumber if I’m feeling healthy. If you don’t like tuna try ripped up pieces of ham, or chicken. Basically what I’m trying to say is that pasta is a cheap and simple base for a meal. Add whatever you like. Be creative.

Note: I tried pasta and scrambled egg.. Worst meal EVER!

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