Facebookers Make Me Chuckle

Posted on January 24, 2012


I really need to start noting down things people say because I hear so many amusing things around and forget them when I come to write them down. But for now this is a very lazy way to do my ‘Society Overheard’ section. Here are a few things from Facebook over the past few days.


When your 7 year old sister asks you what dyke means so you just say potato…

Abis gone to buy a kettle, this news has really made my day and will defo change my future! About time my friend! About time!

Just found out I need a tooth out, the last time this happened I got a sugar puff stuck in the hole!!

I’ve put so much weight on, my clothes are mocking me

… and a nice.. slightly harsh… one for Valentine’s Day..

Ye we get the picture that single life isn’t great but there’s no need to cry yourself to sleep cos you’ve got no-one for valentines day! pipe down.



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