Ten Things That Get Me Through Uni

Posted on January 31, 2012


When reading Student Bean‘s Top 10 box sets to get you through the winter, I was quite annoyed (but not surprised I guess) to see that the Sex and the City box set wasn’t on the list. It has gotten me through the first couple of weeks of being back at Uni.

I’m on series 3 at the moment, and it keeps me happy on the cold nights, (we’re trying to save money so we have two hours of heating a day) stops me from getting on with my work when there’s nothing on TV and lets me believe that one day I will be sipping cocktails and writing from home like all the great writers do..

That got me thinking as I am coming to the end of my years at University, other than Sex and the City, what are the top ten things that have gotten me through?

1. Slanket (also called a Snuggie)

This was a Christmas (or was it birthday?) present from my parents, and I love it. I can walk around without having to hold onto it and it’s so warm, although, I do trip over it occasionally. I’m always freezing, and with the lack of heating (we’re trying to save money :() and the fact that Stoke is pretty much always cold, it has saved my life.

Me in my slanket.. see my great photograpy skills..

2. Lock on my door

In first year I had to get used to living in a different place, and I felt a lot safer with my door locked while I sleep. Now I live with my friends I still need my privacy, which they sometimes forget. If I’m in my room the door will be firmly shut. But occasionally my housemates don’t like to knock, and we have had our fair share of awkward moments when I forgot to lock my door. I would go crazy if I couldn’t lock myself away.

3. Laptop

When my laptop died this time last year I think I actually cried. Luckily none of my important work was on it. But, being impatient, I needed a new on straight away. In fact I dragged my housemate out that night, with a promise of McDonald’s after, and got a new one. As my course is mainly writing, research and emailing I couldn’t do it without my laptop. Plus I’m not walking all the way to the library to go on Facebook.

4. Messages from home

I’m not the kind of person that gets really homesick. But it’s nice when my mom posts random pictures and videos on my wall or calls me out of the blue. This is the latest video she sent me.

5. Photos

I think photos are the best way to keep memories. Every time I go out I love to take photos, whether it’s when I’m drinking or on days out. I’m not the most skilled photographer. This was confirmed when I did a photography module last term. But I do wish I would remember to take my camera out more. I have photos around my room to remind me of awesome days when I’m not feeling so great, and most students I know have done the same.

6. Teddies

As I have previously said, I take my favourite teddies everywhere. They remind me of being little and keep my playful side alive. I admit that I should probably let go of them at some point, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

7. Concealer

This is an essential item for those morning-afters when you’ve spent all night getting drunk, or finishing that essay.

8. Painkillers

For hangovers, cramps and those headaches you get from concentrating too hard.

9. Facebook

I hate to put this one on the list, but everyone knows that Facebook is addictive. Whether you’re looking for a night out, being nosey, or just don’t want to do that essay that has to be in tomorrow, Facebook is for everyone. I remember when everyone got addicted to Farmville. I actually saw people watering their strawberries in lectures. I’m sure I wasn’t that bad.

10. Overdraft

I don’t think I’m terrible with money, but I have come to rely on my overdraft. No matter how careful I try to be I always end up back in it. But I have managed to cut down majorly on my shopping obsession and (fingers crossed) I have a job. So by the time I graduate it will be gone, hopefully.

I’m sure there are more that could go on the list but I think these are the main ones. I kept alcohol and nights out off the list as I am actually sick of going out at the moment. I think I partied myself out in first year. Maybe I’m just a crap student, but the pain of a hangover outweighs the fun (and usually drama) of the night before usually. I do enjoy the occasional spontaneous night out though.

So this is my list. What’s on yours?