Valentine’s Day on a Student Budget

Posted on February 1, 2012


For Valentine’s Day I’m going on a sort of triple date with my housemates and our boyfriends. We’re all living on a tight budget so no fancy restaurant for us. But we always find ways to have fun. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for a student budget, even though I haven’t actually got my boyfriend’s present yet.

Cook a Romantic Meal.

I’m not the best cook, mainly because I’m impatient but forgetful. But a romantic meal at home is not only good for your bank balance, but it saves travelling and can be quite cosy.

Traditional Cottage Pie

Click for the recipe

Cosy Night In

Get some sexy underwear (check the sales), change your sheets and dim the lights (or get a lamp). Enough said.

From Ann Summers clearance

Movie Night

You could go to the cinema. But if you add up the cost of the tickets, popcorn, sweets and taxi it would be cheaper to buy or rent film. You can buy the same sweets you get in the cinema at Poundland or Wilkinson’s, and with a bottle of wine (which you can’t drink in the cinema) and some microwave popcorn it still comes to less than the cinema.

Box of Surprises

Get a shoe box, decorate it, and fill it with things you think he’ll like. Try, chocolate, sweets, condoms, cute/sexy IOUs, you can even get ring for sex/kisses/love bells.

Ring for a Kiss Keychain Bell

A Pretty Picture

Get some pictures of you (or you and your boyfriend) and put them in a nice frame with a little message. I did this last year and my boyfriend seemed to like it.

Poems and Messages.

Whenever I get a card from my boyfriend there is usually a long message or a little poem. I’m terrible at these kind of things so I usually just put ‘I love you’ and kisses.