Why? The Reasons Students Go To Uni

Posted on March 8, 2012


I was asking current students online if they would’ve still gone to University if they had had to pay the new higher fees (for a different blog post), and it brought up different reasons why people choose to go to University in the first place.

It is the next step to get the career they want.

If you want a career in certain areas such as Law and Medicine then University is the only option for you. Also with careers like Childcare, Journalism and Retail, University can give you the edge over other people.

This is the most obvious reason to go to University, and you would think it would be the main one. But there are other, less plausible reasons why people choose to go.


Whether it is from parents, school, or college, some students can feel pressured into going to University.

Personally I think not wanting to disappoint parents is not a good reason to go to University. But it is expected of some people. The same goes for schools and colleges pressuring students to carry on in education.

As someone who had always wanted to go to University, I never felt pressured to do so. But I think that if I had decided not to go, both my parents and my college tutors would not have been happy. We were all told at college to do our personal statements and apply to Universities even if we weren’t sure if we wanted to go.

The student social life.

Students have a reputation of drinking too much, sleeping in and wasting their student loans. As this looks like a good lifestyle to some people who are leaving school and college they choose to go to University for the social life.

Although it appealed to me, I don’t believe it should be a sole reason to go to University. First of all you get a shock when you realise how much you have to look after yourself and budget. Secondly, you would eventually get kicked off your course if all you do is go out. Thirdly, is it really worth spending thousands a year on Uni fees to go out and drink?

Anyone considering going to University just for the social life should reconsider. You may last a year at the most, and it will be a waste of your time and money.

They don’t know what they want to do.

After leaving school/college or job searching for a while with no luck some people go to University just as something to do with their life. With the financial help out there, and the thousands of courses to do, it can sometimes seem like an easy option. Sometimes people just need time to think, so they study something they are interested in.

It could work out for them as they could stumble upon something they want to do. On the other hand they could waste three years and be no better off.

Whatever the reasons for going to University I believe it should be your own choice and no one else’s. Also, potential students should look at all of their options before they apply for and/or accept University places.

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