Six Easy, Cheap and FUN Exercises for Students

Posted on March 30, 2012


1. Pole Dancing

I had to put this one first as it is my favourite kind of exercise at the moment. I joined the Pole and Hula Society last year at University and haven’t looked back since. Pole dancing lessons seem to have a variety of prices depending on where you are. But a lot of places offer free taster sessions.

It’s not the seedy kind of pole dancing, it’s a real workout. If you go to a class you learn spins, poses and so much more. It’s quite tiring actually. Plus climbing up the pole is so much fun!

Here’s a shot from a photo shoot I did with my society.

2. Hula Hooping

Not only does it tone your stomach muscles, it brings you back to your childhood. Although, I could never keep a hoop up for more than two seconds when I was a kid.

Being a member of the Pole and Hula Society I thought I should try it out. So this Christmas I bought myself a Hula Hoop. They are pretty cheap and so much fun!

There are two kinds you can get, which are different to the light ones that kids have. I have a weighted hoop that can be used to do tricks, like this one. It can also be folded down for travel, which is pretty handy. I got mine from Amazon.

Hula Hoops - Large Weighted Travel Hoola Hoop - Black/UV PinkThe other kind is an actual exercise hoop. These are a bit heavier than the hoop I have. It made my stomach sore when I first tried using my mom’s. But these are the ones that really tone your stomach. You can get them from sports shops as well as online.

Fitness-Mad Weighted Wave Hula Hoop 1.5Kg

3. Zumba

This is probably one of the harder exercises if you have never danced before. But I have two left feet and I managed to keep up most of the time. Since the Zumba craze hit England there are Zumba classes everywhere. Click here to find one near you. You can also get Zumba for the XBox and Wii and Ps3.

Zumba Fitness

4. Skipping

Another one from our childhood, this exercise keeps heart rates up, and we all still have that competitive side that wants to see how many jumps we can do. Skipping ropes are still as cheap as ever. You can buy exercise ones, ones that count your skips, rubber ones, plastic ones, ropes, there are so many. But one skipping rope is as good as any.

Tanita CJ-688 Calorie Jump - T blue

5. Running

The best thing about this one is it is free. you can run pretty much wherever you want, along paths, in the park, on a treadmill. It’s a great thing to do if you can get friends on board. Also there are so many races to get involved in if you are feeling competitive. You can find some here.

6. Yoga

I have only recently tried yoga and other than making me quite sleepy it made me realise that I’m more flexible than I thought. It is a good stress reliever for those days when uni life is getting on top of you. It’s great because you can go to a class or do it alone at home. There’s no shortage of books and DVDs showing you how to do it.