How to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Posted on April 9, 2012


I’ve been home from University for two weeks and I haven’t got nearly as much work done as I wanted. It’s hard being away from the library where you can tuck yourself away and concentrate, and away from tutors and fellow students who can help you out. Having the comforts of home (and Sky+) can make you forget that work still needs to be done. So how do you keep motivated?

  • Make a schedule, like you would have with lectures and meetings at University. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t organise yourself. If trying to do a bit of work here and there isn’t working, maybe a timetable of each day could improve your productivity.
  • Get yourself organised. Gather everything you need together and put it in some sort of order. Prioritise the important stuff and put the less important things to the bottom of the list.
  • Turn off Facebook. If you don’t need to be on computer, e.g. if you are revising, drawing, planning, turn it off. Then you have no excuse to drift onto Facebook, check your emails or do anything else to procrastinate online.
  • Find a place to work. Whether you want to lay everything out on your bed, use your parent’s study/office (if they have one) or sit at the dinner table, choose a good place where you won’t get distracted.
  • Say no. Do your parents need a babysitter; does your boss want you to work overtime? As the deadlines are drawing closer your work is the most important thing to think about at the moment.
  • Relax. You’re at home so you’re probably getting fed a lot better and have more time to sleep. Embrace it! Get a few early nights so you’re fresh and awake in the morning. You may do all-nighters in the library back at University between the drinking sessions, but there’s no need at home.

Now if I can only learn to take my own advice…