Save Money on Train Fares

Posted on June 23, 2012


One of the main expenses, other than food and alcohol, at University is travel. If you are like me and didn’t see the point in learning to drive until it was too late, and are now too skint to learn, you’ll know what I mean. Travelling home and back can be expensive.

The first thing I did when I got accepted to University was get a student account. There are so many student accounts offering different things (but that’s for another post). But I suggest Natwest as they give you a free Railcard for five years. It can save you around a third on train tickets. I think they give you less of an overdraft. But my thoughts were that I need to travel more than I need extra money that I’ll have to pay back when I graduate. I’m pretty sure they still have the Railcard offer, and they may not be the only ones, but it is best to go into the bank and ask.

But here is a new way to save money on train fares – Tickety Split.

It’s an app for you phone/iPad etc, that shows you, by splitting your journey, how to get cheaper travel on trains. It only works on certain journeys, and when you buy tickets on the day (booking in advance is usually cheaper anyway). Also, currently it only works for single fares. If it still doesn’t make sense, here is an example using the website version of Tickety Split:

So here’s a quick checklist to save some money on rail fares:

  • Get a Railcard
  • Buy tickets in advance
  • If you can’t buy tickets in advance, try Tickety Split
  • You can buy open return tickets that usually last about a month if you don’t know when you will be returning

BTW – For the forseeable future I will be posting once a week, at the weekend. Unless I have something extra, important or interesting to say. This is just so I don’t keep forgetting. 🙂