Results Day!

Posted on July 4, 2012


Yesterday was the day… finally.. I got my results. For those of you who have yet to experience this, don’t expect to sleep the night before. I was fine until my mom asked me if I was nervous. Then it turned out that I was.

But i am very happy to announce that I got a 2:1 🙂

…and my mom got me the 50 Shades of Grey Book everyone won’t stop talking about to celebrate

I went to see my tutor and he was sad that it wasn’t like the old times when they used to put results up in a row on the Uni notice boards. Apparently students used to sleep in their cars the night before to rush to get their results. I guess it would have been nice to see all my fellow students and congratulate/console them. It’s just proof that technology has ruined some situations. Sending out a congratulations over Facebook and texts just isn’t the same…

But to cheer up the situation, here’s a picture of the Graduation Rabbit that my step-nan knitted for me with the ‘clever clogs’ chocolate champagne bottle my mom got me.

I would post the video of a man singing a congratulations song to me at the Chinese buffet I went to last night, accompanied by an ice swan with fruit and a sparkler… but I’m not going to.

So well done to everyone who got the results they wanted and I can’t wait until Graduation!

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