Ten Things A Fresher Needs

Posted on September 2, 2012


When I started Uni I was worried, will I make friends? What will it be like? What do I need? Well here’s a few things I think are important for all freshers.

1. I.D

I remember the first night out at University. A girl I was with had no I.D so when we finally found the clubs (we decided to walk to find them) we could only get into one. Not only was this annoying but it was an obvious thing needed. So before you get to Uni get your provisional license. It’s handier than carrying your passport around.

2. Bottle Opener

You’ll probably get a few free ones at the Fresher’s fair. Keep hold of them. You’ll need them later, and you won’t be able to find one, so keep it on your keyring.

3. Painkillers

Spending the first weeks of Uni going out more than you have in your life will take its toll. Eventually you will have to go to a lecture so as well as concealer you need something to keep the hangovers away. Also, being away from home around new people you will catch something, and I don’t mean it in ‘that’ way (but maybe condoms should be on the list too), so some cold and flu tablets will come in handy.

4. Laptop

This was my lifeline to home, work and friends. You’ll find out about Uni nights out, you may have to hand in work online and Skyping home is free. Make sure you get your Internet connected. If you’re in Uni accommodation hopefully you’ll get it free.

5. Toilet Roll

Keep it in your room. Maybe consider taking it in turns to buy loo roll. But don’t get taken advantage of. You don’t want to be stuck without it.

6. Dry Shampoo

Going on a last minute night out? Dry shampoo may be your saviour. Or if youre just being lazy it can one in handy too.

7. Bed Clothes

You’ll probably get given pillows and duvets, and maybe covers. But there’s nothing like your home comforts. From experience I can say get your own. If you can stretch to a mattress topper it’s not a bad idea either.

8. Tea Bags/Coffee

Even if you have run out of food, tea or coffee can keep you going to a bit. Also I find that tea settles my stomach after a night out, and perks me up the morning after.

9. Toothbrush

I suggest you buy more than one, and don’t leave it in the bathroom. People do strange things to other people’s stuff when they’re drunk. Think, you have to put it in your mouth, you really want to know where it’s been.

10. Phone Charger

I’ve left my phone charger in so my different places, houses, hotels, almost on a train once too. But especially if you live far from home you don’t need to be forking out for a new one, or waiting for your parents to post it to you.

To the guys going back to Uni, and the ones just starting, I’m still kind of jealous and bitter that I’m not going back. Being a student is definitely the bet time of your life.

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