About Me

It seems like ages since I made this blog. I’m now 22, and graduated a year ago.

I work for a business magazine in Birmingham, UK, and am planning for the future.

Travelling, teaching English as a foreign language and going freelance are hopefully on the horizon for me.

I’m still writing.. business stuff, the occasionally online article, my blog and (newest of all) I’m trying to build up my creative writing.

I blog about books, writing, life and (soon) my travels at I Hope You’re Taking Notes .

 Check out my portfolio if you want to see any more of my writing.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @carniecreek.

5 Responses “About Me” →
  1. Best wishes to Beauty…

  2. I love this blog, completely relate. Throw a link up to your next one when you start it!
    Best, F.

  3. As a fellow university student, I just love your blog. Especially the posts about Student Life. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading it 🙂


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