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Freshers: How To Stop Yourself From Burning Out

September 26, 2012


As I have said before (and I will probably say a million times again) I am very jealous of those of you who have started University this year. But I remember getting to about mid-November and thinking, “I can’t do this anymore.” Like a lot of Freshers, I only turned 18 a couple of months before starting University and […]

The Quarter Life Crisis

July 25, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I came across this article, The Quarterlife Crisis: Young, Insecure and Depressed, on the Guardian’s website. Reading through it I started to think that this sounds a bit like me. Starting University was one of the scariest, overwhelming, most exciting times of my life. But no one tells you that […]

Inspiration Boards

June 17, 2012


Today I made my first inspiration board. If you visualise things you can make them happen.. apparently. So I’m trying it. The first one I have made is my career inspiration board. As you can see I want to be a Journalist, the little cartoon is a sub-editor, and I’d like to write a novel… […]

St. Ives Apricot Scrub Review

June 10, 2012


Just quick post to tell you to check out my review of St. Ives – Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub on Pink Pots, a Stoke-based online women’s magzine. I love this face scrub it’s amazing! I suggest all you ladies… not just students… try it 🙂   … oh and I promise the possible graduation outfits post is coming.

Diets You Should Never Try

April 29, 2012


With Graduation, summer and maybe a holiday coming up, this is the time of year that the terrible diets appear. The New Year’s Resolution to go the gym has gone out of the window and we ladies want to get slimmer fast. Rather than eating healthily and going for a jog we look to the […]

How to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

April 9, 2012


I’ve been home from University for two weeks and I haven’t got nearly as much work done as I wanted. It’s hard being away from the library where you can tuck yourself away and concentrate, and away from tutors and fellow students who can help you out. Having the comforts of home (and Sky+) can […]

Six Easy, Cheap and FUN Exercises for Students

March 30, 2012


1. Pole Dancing I had to put this one first as it is my favourite kind of exercise at the moment. I joined the Pole and Hula Society last year at University and haven’t looked back since. Pole dancing lessons seem to have a variety of prices depending on where you are. But a lot […]