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Why? The Reasons Students Go To Uni

March 8, 2012


I was asking current students online if they would’ve still gone to University if they had had to pay the new higher fees (for a different blog post), and it brought up different reasons why people choose to go to University in the first place. It is the next step to get the career they […]

Students Can’t Sleep?

March 1, 2012


Walking through campus a couple of days ago I was asked, “How do you sleep?” Like a lot of students I’m sure, the answer was not very well. Whether it’s exam or work worries, late nights out or noisy neighbours, we all have our sleep problems at some point. The man who asked me was […]

University Memes

February 27, 2012


Every so often a new craze sweeps the University world. I remember when I first started at Staffs Uni. The first thing I heard about was ‘The Lying Down Game.’ Long story short, it seemed to get a lot of people in trouble and fizzled out. Plus someone died playing the Australian equivalent, ‘Planking.’ Now […]

Overheard on a Train

February 4, 2012


I decided to put the WordPress app on my phone so I could blog while I’m out and about. So here I am on a train listening to two cheerleaders from my uni moaning about another girl. “Why does she need to grip so tight? It’s like shes strangling my arm.” Can you really strangle […]

Ten Important Things Uni Has Taught Me

January 28, 2012


Being at uni has taught me so much, and I’m not just talking about my course. With the massive mix of people from everywhere with so many different interests it’s inevitable that you will learn a lot. I’ll start with the most important fact. People pee in soap dispensers In the first year of uni […]