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Ten Things A Fresher Needs

September 2, 2012


When I started Uni I was worried, will I make friends? What will it be like? What do I need? Well here’s a few things I think are important for all freshers. 1. I.D I remember the first night out at University. A girl I was with had no I.D so when we finally found […]

I’ve Graduated… What Now?

July 16, 2012


On Friday I graduated from Staffordshire University with a 2:1 in Music Journalism and Broadcasting. (so proud!)But what now? A job? A career? An endless search for work? I’m back home with my parents and not really sure what’s next. I’m applying for any job I like the look of and trying to keep writing. […]

Student Fees Rise: Would You Have Still Gone to Uni?

April 27, 2012


As I have said in previous posts, I am one of those people who have always wanted to go to University. Although I can’t say for definite, I’m pretty sure that I still would have gone to University regardless of the fees. I asked current and former students of and Facebook whether the rise […]


March 20, 2012


Just a short post today of a couple of things that made me giggle.   Overheard in the Media Centre at Uni – *Staring through a window at the back of a guys head* “I’m trying to make him turn around. I saw it on Derren Brown. It works!” (It didn’t) Overheard in Superdrug – […]

Ten Things That Get Me Through Uni

January 31, 2012


When reading Student Bean‘s Top 10 box sets to get you through the winter, I was quite annoyed (but not surprised I guess) to see that the Sex and the City box set wasn’t on the list. It has gotten me through the first couple of weeks of being back at Uni. I’m on series […]

Ten Important Things Uni Has Taught Me

January 28, 2012


Being at uni has taught me so much, and I’m not just talking about my course. With the massive mix of people from everywhere with so many different interests it’s inevitable that you will learn a lot. I’ll start with the most important fact. People pee in soap dispensers In the first year of uni […]

Unconventional Ways of Paying Uni Fees

January 14, 2012


Yesterday there was an interview with some students on This MorningĀ , who had rather unconventional ways of paying their fees. First there was a girl who pole/lap danced in clubs. Now I think we can all agree that this isn’t for everyone, but would you ever consider doing anything like this? I do pole dancing […]